Saturday, December 03, 2005

Rudolph, the dried up reindeer.

Typical,just bloody typical.

Just when I try to cut down on my fat and booze intake, this arrives as a present for me from distant relations.

Two artery cloggers. (Finest Spanish Chorizo)

One liver smasher. (Bottle of Spanish Valdepenas Red)

And wait for it....

One packet of dried reindeer. (Wild Chips)

Yes, you read it right. Dried bloody reindeer.

This apparently is lean and rich in protein and energy and is produced by the oldest methods known to man:drying,smoking and salting.
Probably the oldest snack in the world.

The packet of "Wild Chips" states it is a tasty lean delicacy with the right chewing gum sensation and enjoyed by man since the Vikings used it on their long sea voyages.Dried wild reindeer meat has,because of its low weight compared to with high nutritional value at all times has been used at tough and demanding expeditions where light packing has been necessary.

Probably the most natural product there is.

Yes, well maybe in countries where you round up Rudolph and his mates,bludgeon them,dry em,smoke em and salt them it is.And I haven't any long sea voyages planned.

Its terrible, who could do such a thing???

Fancy chewing on old Red Nose so soon to Christmas???

Think of my cholestrol levels????

Your bloody right, its disgusting.

I'm keeping the chorizo and wine till my blood is less thick.(next test 12 weeks time!)

The kids can chew on Rudolph for supper on Christmas Eve.